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Sunday, June 26, 2011


assalamualaikum wbt..

ini entry 'copy-paste' dari link senior di facebook. hasil tulisan Dr.Harlina Halizah Siraj.

TIP no. 1 - 7 :

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no. 1 - Set your intentions right. It's neither about the money, the highly respected position and the power. It is about PUBLIC SERVITUDE, serving those who are in need of healthcare. Only after you have served well, then only you could deserve the rewards, privileges and rights allocated for medical practitioners! Welcome on board!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no. 2 - Have the right attitudes. Being the most junior officer in the team, you really have a lot to catch up and learn. Never pretend that you know all. Never hesitate to admit that you do not know, to ask questions and assistance. Respect those who are more experienced than you. People with the right attitudes are welcome wherever they go, always...all the time!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no. 3 - Put on your best smile and outstandingmanners. Greet everyone with a cheerful salam. No matter how busy you are, don't forget to move your temporo-mandibular joints and carve out a big smile. It will stimulate a fountain of endorphins in your neuron synapses, and aha...the feel-good feeling will set in.

Don't believe this? Just try....just do it.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no. 4 - Work extra hard to convince people that you are reliable, responsible, accountable and able to complete tasks and meet expectations - within the first two weeks! Once people know you're committed, you'll gain their trust, respect & cooperation. Just mark my words!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no.5 - Refresh your inner self with daily, constant and effective spiritual input. For Muslim, don't ever neglect your 5 times daily prayers, no matter how busy you are. You really need that 5 -10 minutes regular breaks. It acts as a cooling oasis for you to rejuvenate.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no.6 : Mend your bruised heart and dented self-esteem, quickly and effectively - each time you received unpleasant reminders of your incompetency & shortcoming from your seniors. It's a part and parcel of the job. Admit your mistakes, but PLEASE, try hard not to repeat them. To err is human, but to keep doing the same error is a major blunder!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no.7 : Keep in touch with your loved ones - parents, spouses, close friends, teachers etc. Don't shut out your life, which mainly linger around your wards, call roster and private room now. There is more to life out there than just work or crashing into bed to recover from sleep deprivation.


rasa tak cukup bersedia lagi untuk menjadi seorang HO. 2 tahun lebih kurang...akan sampai lah masanya. uuh.....tak lama pun 2 tahun tu!

semoga Allah memberi kekuatan . semoga mampu untuk jadi yang terbaik untuk mereka di luar sana.

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Anonymous said...

What a bullshit! Hv u been in the system?